Why Choose Leash + Paws?

We know that there are many dog walking companies throughout Toronto. Anyone can claim to be in the business of dog walking, whether or not they have any experience or expertise. Leash + Paws is a small dog walker Toronto based team with a focus in Downtown Toronto specializing in providing a safe group dog walk that promotes mental stimulation & balanced socialization skills. We have been operating for over 10 years in Toronto and continue to grow and improve upon our dog walker services year after year.

As a dog walking service we aim to have the best professional dog walker team in the city. Walking dogs (whether it be a group walk or a private walk) in Toronto is our specialty. As a Toronto dog walker our team is trained to ensure that your furry friend is in good care while also getting positive reinforcement and dog training according to guidelines from the pet owner. As a dog owner, you can rest assured that we care about your pooch and will not just let your dog loose at the dog park or dog daycare. Your pet will always have the attention of our pet care professionals.

We also provide other pet care services such as pet sitting, pet boarding, puppy visits, and dog potty break services.

Meet The Team!

Our team of Toronto dog walkers and pet sitters is comprised of lifelong pet owners carefully chosen for their honesty, reliability, and of course, their love of animals. We pride ourselves on punctuality, dependability, responsibility, and animal adoration. Our services range from dog walking, pet sitting, and more!.

Each dog walker is thoroughly vetted including a mandatory criminal background check and an in-depth training process. Our dog walking service is fully bonded & insured, and support is standing by around the clock for anything you might need.

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Full Time Dog Walker
Servicing Fort York & The Entertainment District

Tell us about yourself! Im a visual artist and earth lover whose always had a strong passion for animals, both wild and domestic. My favourite animal is an Elephant and my dream is to visit an elephant sanctuary.

What is your favourite part about being a dog walker? My favourite part of dog walking is the first morning walk. There is nothing better than starting your day with a pooch thats overjoyed to see and spend some time with you.

If you could be any type of dog, what would you be and why? I would most likely be a bulldog. Im small, weird and outgoing but am also one tough cookie!

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Full Time Dog Walker
Servicing the Canary District & Distillery District

Tell us about yourself! I've always loved animals. Growing up, I had wonderful dogs, birds, and bunnies. These days I live with Blue and Tiggleby, my bunnies. They have free roam of my apartment, and they've got big personalities for such small creatures. In my spare time, I love doing arts and crafts, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, binging tv, and listening to music. I am involved in animal rights, human rights, and environmental activism.

What is your favourite part about being a dog walker?
Greeting the dogs each day is the best feeling. I love being outside and active. Even when the weather isn't the greatest, walking with dogs is still the best job one can have!

If you could be any type of dog, what would you be and why? I think I'd be a lab. I'm happy having a lazy day on the couch, or playing frisbee in the park, and I definitely value silliness.

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On-Call Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Servicing Queen West

Tell us about yourself! I grew up with dogs of all different sizes. I've lived in Toronto for over a decade and my favourite thing about the city is all of the dogs you see each day. I'm that person that will smile at all your dog as you walk by me! :)

What is your favourite part about walking dogs? I love this job because you get to meet all different breeds of dogs and learn all of their different personalities. On top of getting my steps in (hah!)

If you could be any type of dog, what would you be and why? I think I would be a Doberman. I think they are beautiful dogs and look intimidating.

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On-Call Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Servicing all Toronto neighbourhoods

Tell us about yourself! I grew up surrounded by pets of family and friends, but I didn't get my own dog until I was 8! From inside our houses, to cottages on the lake, animals come wherever I go! I love having animals around me and playing with me, it's a different type of connection that you just can't get from humans. Aside from animals, I attend OCAD University for Drawing and Painting! I love art, in many forms, and want to pursue it as a career! I also run a small business where I sell my handmade art in forms of stickers, posters, and more! So between my business, dog walking, and occasionally baking, my days are pretty full!

What is your favourite part about walking dogs? My favourite part about walking dogs is the company they provide. Walking a dog is going on an adventure with someone who is probably more adventurous than you! I love that dogs just love the outdoors, and it's always nice to be out with them.

If you could be any type of dog, what would you be and why? I would probably be a cockapoo. This may be biased, but all my dogs have been cockapoo's and I just absolutely adore their personality! They're so energetic and playful, all the way up to their old age! They're perfect family pets and I wouldn't change my childhood pet experiences for the world!

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On-call Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Servicing all Toronto neighbourhoods

Tell us about yourself! Growing up, I've always loved animals. My brothers and I finally convinced my mom to let us adopt a precious little Pitbull/Retriever pup named Amy. It was love at first sight and ever since Amy has entered our lives, I've wanted dogs to be a part of my life forever!

In my free time, I like to practice yoga, obsessively buy plants, read, dance and eat everything in sight. Walking dogs allows me to get some puppy lovin' while burning calories from all the delicious meals I love to cook and eat

What is your favourite part about walking dogs? I love being able to play and spend time with dogs on their walks and watching them socialize and make friends with other pups is such a treat! My absolute favourite part about walking dogs is that it doesn't feel like work at all!

If you could be any type of dog, what would you be and why? I'd like to think if I were a dog, I'd be a toy poodle given that they are soft, cuddly and friendly on the outside but quite intelligent and intuitive on the inside. Although my friends refer to me as a chihuahua because I am extremely loyal & protective, I still like to think I'd be a cute little toy poodle named Nala!

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On-Call Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Servicing Midtown Toronto

Tell us about yourself! I grew up around dogs in my extended family but my home only ever had a cat, who despite being black and grey I named Rainbow! Today I own two beautiful bengals named Zelda & Link and once we have the time to dedicate to a pup we'll add a dog to our family for sure! I currently work in Mental Health supporting youth in preparing for and obtaining housing. In my free time you'll find me enjoying tv with my friends, practicing yoga, and baking tasty treats.

What is your favourite part about being a dog walker? Honestly? Everything! I get to meet and learn about new dogs, visit new places in the city, enjoy time outdoors and get exercise all while in the presence of a loving and interesting animal!

If you could be any type of dog, what would you be and why? I'd be a cockapoo. Every one I've met thus far has been the perfect balance of lazy lap dog and energetic wild thing which is exactly how I'd describe myself.

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On-Call Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Servicing all Toronto Neighbourhoods

Tell us about yourself! I've always had dogs growing up. Over my life time- I've had two golden retrievers and now I have another who is 10 years old! I unfortunately did not have any other animals but I've always wanted my own cat. I have also fostered dogs in the past and I hope to one day adopt my own. I've been living in Toronto my whole life and love it here! in my spare time, I like to run, read, and spent time with my family and friends.

What is your favourite thing about being a dog walker? If I had to pick, it would be that it's an excuse to get outside and be active while spending time with my favourite animal. I do not have a dog of my own at home at the moment, so being able to have a job that allows me to spend time with dogs is always great in my books!

If you could be any type of dog, what would you be and why? If I could be any type of dog, I would be a mixed breed or a mutt because they're unique and also cute as heck!

We make pet care seamless and effortless for dog owners. Our system is simple to use, our staff is friendly and accommodating, and we deliver all of our pet services with a true passion and love of dogs!


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